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Road Trippin’ This Summer? Get a Tonneau Cover for Your Toyota Bakkie

Get a tonneau cover, pack your Toyota and hit the road! That’s of course as soon as it’s summer, as soon as you’ve got holiday, and, of course, as soon as you get paid.

Indeed, summer is just around the corner which means its time to start thinking about that long awaited adventure. Owners of Toyota bakkies will especially appreciate the added convenience they are afforded with tonneau covers – a PVC overlay for the bed of the bakkie that shields items from sight, and keeps the bed free from all manner of flying debris.

Replaces Trailer

One of the main benefits of these overlays is that it enables you to safely store items in the bed of the bakkie. Think suitcases, potted plants, groceries, bicycles, even surfboards and the like – all those items for which you previously needed a trailer. With the cover on they are protected and obscured until you arrive at your destination. This makes for easier and lighter driving.

Recommended Design

The recommended design for adventuring is the half-moon zip. Sliding the zip one way or the other will open or close a half-moon shaped aperture that allows for quick access to items stored in the bed. It’s also the perfect overlay when items like surfboards or kayaks are transferred, since it allows space for them to protrude while shielding other items from the elements.

Clip-ons Are Cool

Despite not being the chosen design for the summer of 2012, clip-on designs do deserve some mention, if only because they afford the vehicle (and the owner) some style. These are PVC overlays stretched over an aluminium frame which is fitted on the back of the vehicle – they open and close with the lightest touch, but will remain firmly sealed while the trip is underway. Like half-moon zip designs, they do not have to be untied, and therefore provide instant access to the goods stored in the vehicle’s bed.

Durable and Affordable

As mentioned before, these tonneau overlays are made from PVC, which makes them very durable and therefore capable of absorbing the fury of South African weather. They’re also highly affordable, which makes them an investment that can be used year after year.

Whatever the model of your Toyota bakkie, or whatever shape it is in, there’s tonneau cover for it just aching to take care of your belongings when you’re on a road trip this holiday.


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