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Bakkie Accessories




Popular Bakkie Accessories

Bakkies are popular vehicles in South Africa, especially for those in the construction trade. No matter where you are driving, you are likely to pass a couple on the road – not only are they great value for money, they are also easy and cheap to repair and maintain.

Everyone wants to put their own stamp on their vehicle, whether it is from handing items from their rear view mirror, or decorating the vehicle itself in wacky colours and designs. There are many different bakkie accessories available, some of which are cosmetic, and some of which are there for ease of use.

Bed Rugs

Bed rugs are one of the more ingenious bakkie accessories, especially for those who are regularly moving building supplies or dirty tools.  A bed rugs snug into the bed of your bakkie, and can be easily removed in order to clean it. This means that you no long have to get on your hands and knees scrubbing away in order to keep your vehicle clean; you can simply unclip your bed rug, fold it up, and empty it outside the vehicle.

Most of them can be cleaned in a washing machine, although some of them must be washed by hand. This won't take too long though, and you can simply vacuum clean it in between washes. Hanging it out in the sun will soon get it dry, and then it is ready to be used again!

A bed rug is also a brilliant choice of bakkie accessories if you are going to have people sitting in the bed. It will make the floors and walls comfier and warmer, and all the more appealing.

Bike Racks

Do you enjoy going for a long cycle? If so, then the bike rack is likely to be the best bakkie accessory for you. It fits into the bed of your bakkie, allowing your bikes to stand upright and be transported. This is a far safer way than simply throwing them in the back, as it means that they are secure and less likely to get damaged.

Tonneau Covers

No set of bakkie accessories would be complete without a tonneau cover. If you keep equipment in the bed of your bakkie, then a tonneau cover will keep it secure and safe from the elements. Your tools will no longer rust from the rain, and sacks of sand will not be emptied over the freeway.

Then there is the element of security. Tonneau covers are one of the bakkie accessories that give you most amount of security. Quite simply, it prevents people from walking past and picking things up from the bed of your vehicle. People are also less likely to break into your bakkie if they can't see what is in there – there is more of a risk for them, with no definite gain.

Adding Value to Your Bakkie

All bakkie accessories add value to your vehicle. Not only do they make them look nicer, they also mean that you are more likely to keep them properly maintained. After all, you want to be able to make the most of your bakkie accessories.

If you come to sell your bakkie, you will find that you can make quite a bit more money if you sell the accessories with it. The bakkie accessories don't tend to lose value unless they are left to fall apart. This is simply because they tend to fit all makes and models, or can at least be altered to fit.

Xpert Covers offers a wide range of bakkie accessories, to meet your each and every need. Have a flick through our website or get in contact with us, and find out more about what we have to offer.


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