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Hard Covers versus Soft Tonneau Covers in South Africa

A hard tonneau cover, come in various sizes and shapes, like their soft counterparts. The various types of bakkie bed overlays have been specifically designed and manufactured to suffice the various applications and needs of people owning bakkies. When purchasing a bed overlay, it is best to make your choice according to your specified requirements. Hard covers are usually made from materials such as hardened PVC, fibreglass or aluminium.

The structure is rigid, so they won’t tear and they also provided extra security and when it comes to design options, they offer so much more. In addition these overlays protect the vehicle bed from flying debris, rain water and from wind. These covers shield your content from the harsh sun and from curious eyes and provide you will additional security when carrying a load on your bakkie.

Covers Made from a Variety of Materials

PVC materials are used to make soft overlays, and once installed the material is easy to manoeuvre and are relatively easy and cost effective to replace if damaged.  However, hard overlays offer a more mechanised option as they are hydraulically operated, where as soft covers, due to their weight could prove troublesome. Hard overlays can also be turned into a boot, as many hard cover types can be locked.

When choosing between the two options, one should taken into consideration the various factors and then choose carefully. Soft overlays come in a wide range of designs and attract hardly any attention, as they are a popular choice. Another reason why a soft cover is popular is that they do not require drilling into the bakkie body, and can also be controlled easily due high winds as opposed to the hard overlays.

Hard overlays are convenient, although the price tag can be hefty, and after a few years the cover will need some or other form of maintenance. There are however, a few hard overlays that are exceptionally popular such as the hinged models which open and close the same as a boot would as they work on hydraulics and lift from the back towards the front of the bakkie. A hard tonneau cover provides easy access to the bed and is also lockable.

Folding Options Made from Hard Material Segments

These fold on top of one another toward the front of the bakkie, as they are joined length wise. The advantage is that one has control of the aperture size which in turn makes them easier to handle as opposed to the hinged models. Another popular model is the smart retractable design, where the overlay slides to the front of the bakkie by automatically rolling and then storing itself in a container unit that is situated close to the cab at the front of the bakkie bed.

The retractable provides precision control of the aperture, and requires very little operation effort. In spite of the soft tonneau cover being the best and most popular option for South Africa, the choice however, should be based on your needs and requirements. Whatever you choose should provide you with some type of investment return, to ensure you get your money’s worth.

Tonneau Covers Add Value to a Vehicle

It makes complete sense to invest in a top quality cover as opposed to purchasing a cheap cover to protect the valuables in the bed of your bakkie. The cover also creates a barrier to prevent smash and grab theft at intersections and robots. An open bakkie bed is an open invitation for thieves to steal your goods. Covers provide you with peace of mind and the knowing that your goods will still be there when you park in a public place.


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