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Ford Bakkie Cover




How to Maintain a Ford Bakkie Cover

Bakkie covers have changed in design and style and have become more innovative over the years, now they not only look fantastic they are also quick and easy to install. Covers such as these come at an affordable price and will give your bakkie a stylish customized look. The most recent additions will make your bakkie look sleek and streamlined, as these Ford bakkie covers are real winners and extremely popular.

A cover can be installed within an hour using advanced engineering technology. There are many good reasons to invest in a bakkie cover which are now made to fit all models and makes of bakkies and includes the half moon zips that allow for easy and fast access. These covers will last for years if you carry out regular maintenance on them. These covers work hard to protect the vehicle bed as well as the cargo, and with the right treatment.

Cleaning the Cover Regularly Will Prolong Your Covers Lifespan

Many owners leave their covers on when taking their bakkie through the car wash; however, depending on the type of cover you have installed, it is not advisable to take covers through car washes as the OVC materials used differ considerably from one supplier to another. When purchasing a cover, make sure you follow the instructions properly on how to maintain the cover.

When washing your cover use only mild carwash soap and a soft to medium brush. Never use any harsh detergents, high pressure water systems, strong soaps or boiling water. Mix a mild detergent in tepid water and then using the brush wash both sides until clean. When done use a soft dry cloth or paper towels to dry the cover. You can wax the cover once it is completely dry, as this helps to strengthen the PVC sheeting, which will prolong the covers lifespan.

Before applying wax, make sure you have read the instruction carefully, as there are covers that are not able to accommodate wax, or you can check with the retailer. Ford bakkie covers take a beating due to the South African climate being extremely harsh, which means you need to take extra special care and keep your cover in good condition. It is also important to inspect the PVC cover for rents or holes.

Get Your Cracks Repaired as Quick as Possible

There are repair kits available, which are easy to use and will allow you to repair the tear in no time. PVC covers have been innovatively designed to protect the cargo on the bakkies bed. PVC is flexible and extremely strong as well as durable. When travelling, the cover reduces the bakkies wind resistance and is also far lighter than a canopy, which is why more and more people are choosing PVC covers on South African roads.

Various different types of covers have appeared on the market in recent years such as the half moon zip, traditional soft covers and the clip-on. Each type has its own advantage, and is well suited to a particular purpose. Each type will definitely provide you with value for money when it comes to lifespan and quality, even though these covers are all made from PVC materials.

A Ford Bakkie Cover Comes With a Simple No Drill Installation

The hatch and roll up style covers are custom fit to the Ford range of bakkies. These covers offer an easy removal or roll up design, which allows you to make adjustments accordingly for your hauling requirements. When purchasing a cover for your bakkie, you can expect excellent customer service. Due to all the above mentioned benefits, one can clearly see that a cover is well worth the expense.


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