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Covers for Bakkies




Bakkie Covers Add Value to Your Vehicle

When you park in a public place with a bakkie that has items in the bed, and you do not have a cover, there is a good chance when you come back some of your items will have been stolen. If you regularly transport good in the bed, you should consider investing in covers for bakkies that will provide you with peace of mind at all times.  Such covers that are made from high quality materials also increase the vehicles sales value.

Bakkie accessories such as bakkie overlays make the vehicle more impressive and appealing. If you carry construction equipment and tools on a daily basis, a cover will conceal these items and will also give the bakkie an aesthetic appeal. There are different options to choose from that include custom made covers, half moon zip and clip on covers.

There are Several Affordable Options for You to Choose From

One design comes in a half moon shape that allows for extra packing space, and also allows for quick and easy access to items. In order get to an item in your bakkie, you won’t have to remove the entire cover. The half moon zip also gives you optimal protection against the rain and wind, although when you are not around, the zip can be opened and goods can be stolen.

Another exceptionally neat option is the clip on option that clips over the existing pegs. The clip over is well affordable although when you are parked in a busy area, the cover can be opened and goods can be removed. When you have a bakkie that is not a standard design, then you would have to look at having a custom made tonneau cover.

Majority of covers are well affordable and are a well worth investment in South Africa, providing your cargo with protection. Covers for bakkies not only increase the value of the vehicle but also reduce the risk of theft or damage, and at the same time protect your valuables against the environment. There are several inexpensive options to choice from at the lowest prices, which will provide you with adequate protection.

All Tonneau Covers can Provide You with Many Benefits

A bed cover, allows you to hide your cargo, although thieves can still access your goods. When a bakkie bed is covered it attracts less attention and also provides weather protection to your cargo. Improve your fuel mileage by using a cover, as this reduces drag caused by the bakkie bed.

A covered bakkie bed looks distinctive and sleek. Soft tonneau covers are made from heavy duty vinyl and are the cheapest option, and are long lasting and weather resistant. Soft covers come in a wide range of various designs, of which the most common type is the roll-up that rolls to the front for easy storage. This type of cover provides plus benefits as opposed to hard covers, in that you can open the cover completely to take out cargo no matter how bulky or tall.

Velcro, Zip or Snap Bakkie Cover Designs

There are other soft cover designs which are made over frames and usually comprise of three pieces, which allow you to fold the cover forward into sections. Such cover options allow you to open the cover either one or two thirds or open the bed completely. There are also hinged covers available which will allow you to convert your bed into a large trunk. Frame hinged covers are vinyl covers that tilt forward and lowers to lock. However, types of cover can present a problem as it limits the cargo height.


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