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VW Amarok Bakkie Cover




A New VW Amarok Bakkie Deserves a Quality Cover

As one of the toughest vehicles to ply South Africa’s highways and byways in recent years, the VW Amarok Bakkie will outperform even many of its larger-engined competitors. Such a high performing vehicle must surely deserve a high quality cover for its loading bay and, whether you may favour the single cab model or your preference is for the extra passenger space provided by the double cab, Xpert Covers is a company based in Gauteng that offers a choice of durable and smart looking products that are designed for to provide a snug fit with either of these models.

Critics of earlier versions of this Volkswagen workhorse have, in the past, complained that it lacked a sufficiently wide torque band and that clutch problems led to excessive stalling. The result is that, the 2-litre, bi-turbo engine sold in South Africa has undergone extensive improvements and now provides a substantial 132kW while revisions to the clutch slave cylinder have eliminated the gear shift problems that led to stalling. Taken with the standard 3-year or 100,000 kilometre warranty and a 5-year or 90,000 kilometre service plan, this is not just a vehicle that the pickup enthusiasts will want but one that that they will want to keep. This provides one more good reason to insist on a top quality product if you are also serious about protecting your load.

There is a very old and decidedly accurate saying which states ‘what the eye does not see it does not grieve for’ and when fitting the loading bin of your VW Amarok Bakkie with a tough tonneau cover from Xpert Covers, the truth of this adage is confirmed. The average opportunistic thief will be very unlikely to risk being caught when spending valuable minutes in trying to determine what may be hidden beneath the PVC but will be far more likely, instead, to move on in search of a simpler and less mysterious bounty. Should the would-be felon decide to proceed with the proposed theft however, these units are designed to make life quite difficult for the intruder.

When accurately tailored to fit precisely, these practical accessories also provide visual appeal. The vehicle dealer would be the first top confirm that when their display vehicles are fitted with them, They provide a more finished appearance that results in greater appeal to the customer and that is quite often an important contributor to his or her ultimate decision to proceed with the purchase. This observation is one on which Xpert Covers based what has proved to be a winning business strategy.

The manufacturer now markets the bulk of its production with the aid of the many vehicle dealerships that operate around the province. Totalling more than 140 at the moment, these dealers are capitalising on the visual appeal of these stylish tonneau covers to promote the sale, not just of the VW Amarok Bakkie but of all of the leading vehicles in this class such as the Toyota Hilux, the Isuzu KB, the Ford Ranger and the Nissan Hardbody ranges. These are all brands, incidentally, for which the Xpert Covers company is able to deliver an appropriate product as well as for most of the country’s light delivery vehicles.

Although few drivers appear to be aware of it, the profile created by a moving vehicle can have a considerable influence on its fuel consumption. Keeping the window open while driving at speed is one of the classic ways to ensure guzzling more gas and leaving the loading bin open to the air also causes a significantly more drag with a resulting increase in the amount of petrol or diesel consumed. The drag effect tends to worsen with speed and can severely affect overall driving economy yet can be eliminated quite simply by fitting your VW Amarok or other popular Bakkie with a suitable tonneau cover.


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