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The Benefits of Fitting Tonneau Covers to Your Bakkie

While these valuable accessories are often included when purchasing a new bakkie today, this was not always the case. However, the benefits of tonneau covers are undeniable and should be considered as important to the general welfare of a pick-up as, for instance, the spare wheel.

The term derives from the French and translates literally as ‘barrel’. It dates from the time when early automobiles had a rear passenger compartment, open to the elements, and with a rounded structure not unlike a section of a barrel. Protective structures could be obtained as an optional extra and were designed to fit over these compartments. Initially, some of the more advanced versions were fitted with a rear-facing door. The newer designs that emerged later had, instead, a pair of side doors that set the pattern for the more permanent, enclosed structure of the modern automobile. Nevertheless, there is a continuing demand for the detachable variety today although, of course, the need to include doors has long since passed.

Open sports cars and various commercial vehicles that are fitted with a loading bin in order to transport goods are typical of vehicles for which this need still persists and, in Gauteng where the latter type of vehicle is widely used one manufacturer is devoting its business to the production of quality tonneau covers made from tough, long-lasting PVC and tailored to fit just about any bakkie that is currently to be found on South Africa’s roads.

Adding to a Vehicle’s Good Looks

One of the most obvious effects of these accessories is that, when fitted, they immediately enhance the overall appearance of the vehicle. This striking visual effect is one that Xpert Covers has been quick to exploit.

Seeing the potential to enhance sales as a result of the neat and well-finished appearance when fitting one of these devices, the company approached dealerships to carry stock as a means of promoting the sale of new vehicles. Today, it has successfully negotiated fixed agreements with more than 140 dealerships within the province of Gauteng alone.

XPC provides units to fit the vast majority of current makes and models include the most prominent ranges offered by Nissan, Ford, Toyota, Isuzu, Opel, Tata and Fiat.

Preserving those Good Looks

An open loading bin is a perfect reservoir for dirt, dust and water that, in time, will have its effect on its appearance and possibly even its function. It is therefore important to ensure that the same accessory that was initially one of the vehicle’s attractions is kept in place even when there may be no load.

These sturdy tonneau covers will seal your loading bin completely from the effects of the weather and will thus serve to preserve that new look for as long as you continue to make use of them.

Looking After Your Valuable Cargo as Well

Often a bakkie is used to transport perishable items that may need protection from the heat of the sun or from rain. Given the high incidence of crime today, it is also wise to conceal the nature of any valuable items that may be included in a load.

These products act as an effective security barrier against the elements and as a means to deter theft. Incidentally, another spinoff arising from their use is that the smoother, and thus more aerodynamic, surface created once they are securely in position, can also serve to reduce fuel consumption by a significant percentage.

Xpert Covers is a company whose goal is to provide satisfaction, not just to its customers, but also to its staff. The concern shown for its employees is reflected in their performance and in the quality of its products. If you should happen to purchase a used bakkie and then find that it lacks a tonneau cover, Xpert Covers now offers its quality products direct to the public.


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