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Hilux Tonneau Covers




Perfectly Fitted Hilux Tonneau Covers from Leading Gauteng Manufacturer

Whether your personal preference is for a the sturdy Toyota Hilux or for the more compact Ford Bantam, one of the most valuable accessories that you can purchase for your bakkie is a tonneau cover. The tough PVC products offered by Xpert Covers, the established leader in this field, are designed to fit any loading bin with all the precision of a hand-tailored glove as well as lending the vehicle a similar touch of class.

Providing Security and Protection from the Weather

Good looks apart, these devices are also designed to perform a number of very important practical functions not the least of which is to protect the cargo from the prying eyes of those who might enjoy the opportunity to help themselves to it. In addition to providing concealment, these units act as a security barrier, adding the need to spend extra time to first remove them before it is possible to make off with any contents.

It is, of course, not only the opportunistic thief that may represent a source of risk to the cargo. Quite often, some of the items that may need to be transported will require some means of protection against exposure to bright sunshine, high winds that may carry abrasive particles or heavy rain in order to minimise the risk that such items could become spoiled or physically damaged. In such cases, one of these tough tonneau covers fitted to the loading bin of your Hilux bakkie will offer the ideal solution acting, not just to protect the load, but to help stabilise it also.

An old Idea with a New Purpose

The practice of fitting this type of protection is not a new one but dates back to the earliest days of motoring when the passenger compartment of the average car invariably lacked a roof. These devices were then used to protect the upholstery and, later, the passengers from the weather. Supplied as an optional extra, in those days, they would typically have been made of leather. Today, however, this somewhat expensive material tends to be reserved for use with the more exclusive breed of sports car.

In addition to the flexible type of product, there are also a number of rigid versions available to fit various vehicles. Often these are factory fitted as standard or on request and some of these are also lockable. Fibreglass is commonly the material of choice for the rigid units but aluminium is also used in some products including a slatted type of covering that operates in a fashion similar to the folding shutters seen on some shop windows.

While some rigid structures may be integral to the design of the vehicle others are removable and must then be stored when not required. By contrast, the flexibility of a PVC tonneau cover means that, although it is still very strong, it can be folded and easily stored within a bakkie such as the Hilux if necessary.

Supplying Dealerships and Existing Owners

Not restricted to offering products for the Toyota range, Xpert Covers are able to provide similar units to fit just about any bakkie on sale in South Africa today. Typically, the company caters for the needs of all of the most widely owned marques including Ford, Nissan, Isuzu, Tata, Fiat and Opel to name just a few. With products to fit half tonners, double cabs, stretch cabs and long wheel base models XPC has most succeeded in meeting the needs of most.

Much of the company’s business is conducted through dealerships. They see these products as an ideal means to promote sales and, currently, there are more than 140 dealerships in the Gauteng area that have a fixed contract with Xpert Covers. For the existing owner of a Hilux or any other bakkie who may require a quality tonneau cover, XPC also sells direct to the public.


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