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Background on Tonneau Bakkie Covers in South Africa

Xpert Covers sell and install tonneau bakkie covers in South Africa for dealerships such as Ford, GWM, Fiat, Isuzu and Nissan to name, but a few. With over 140 dealerships in Gauteng already forming part of our permanent client profile, it is evident that Xpert Covers is a well-respected supplier of top quality services and products to industry.

We also supply and offer on-site fitment for members of the public and with our high quality bakkie covers for all makes and models of bakkies in South Africa, we are confident that we can meet your fitment requirements.

What is tonneau?

It is a term used to describe a soft or hard cover placed over the loading bin of a bakkie to protect the goods against weather elements, damage and theft attempts. The term is furthermore used to describe cover over unoccupied seats in a convertible vehicle.

What is the main purpose of tonneau?

It is used mostly to cover goods. When rolled down items underneath are protected against the damaging effect of sunrays. Another important reason for fitment of tonneau bakkie covers in South Africa is theft prevention. When goods are stored out of sight, thieves must first open the cover to establish what is stored underneath and as such thieves often prefer to look for easier targets.

What is the difference between hard and soft cover tonneau?

The hard cover opens through a folding mechanism while the soft cover can open through a zip system or through the removal of the cover from the holding pegs and then rolling it up.

What was the original usage of the tonneau?

The original tonneau was a passenger compartment or container with the earlier ones characterised by doors to the rear end. The earlier types were used to protect passenger seats in the convertibles. The idea was to reduce airflow disturbances which could slow down the vehicles. Notably such covers were used mainly in open sports cars.

Tonneau covers were also used to reduce the effect of airflow entrapment in the vehicle which could cause a loud sound irritating on the ear. This air turbulence, although harmless, causes a buffeting condition which can be quite irritating. The faster the vehicle travels the louder the sound as warmer and cooler air meet. With the covers the effect could be reduced.

Modern bakkie covers in South Africa can still help to reduce turbulence and thus buffeting, improve fuel usage rates and protect the load bin against damage as well as the goods stored underneath the cover. We offer clients the benefit of strong PVC tonneau to ensure optimal longevity, protection, and strength.

The main advantages of installing tonneau are:

  • Weather element shield for the load bin and goods.
  • Hides valuable items on the load bin.
  • Protects against product loss because of wind.
  • Improves the aesthetic appeal of the bakkie.
  • Reduces fuel consumption and thus helps the owner to save money.

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