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Why Bakkie Covers are Popular in Pretoria

We supply and install bakkie covers in Pretoria for dealerships, fitment centres, and the public. If you want to lower your insurance premiums you need to take steps in protecting goods on the vehicle. The loading bin is a high-risk storage place if not covered.

Risk at Intersections

Even if you only intend to drive from one location to another through Pretoria, you will need to stop at intersections. Criminals lurk in the bushes, waiting for vehicles to stop at intersections and then rush in to grab valuables from the loading bin.

Sometimes the hawkers selling at intersections and beggars are also involved in smash and grab attempts. Driving around with an open loading bin with one or more items only places you at risk of becoming the victim of theft.

Without a bakkie cover you will need a person to stay at the vehicle and guard any loose items on the loading bin should you wish to quickly go into a store. It is thus inconvenient to drive around without a cover over the items in the loading bin.

Damage Risk

Not only can the risk of theft be reduced through the fitment of a tonneau, but also the risk of damage to goods in transport. When you drive around with uncovered items the goods will be exposed to the weather elements such as harmful rays from the sun, rain, hail, and wind.

Unprotected items can be blown off the vehicle whilst rain can cause rust. Hail almost always causes damage and sun rays can cause fading of colours. As such, you will want to take the necessary steps to protect any transported items through the fitment of a bakkie cover.

Load Loss

If you transport sand, cement or any other construction base materials, you will lose part of the load if such is not covered adequately. Any lost items or load means money wasted. To avoid adding to construction costs because of damage to goods or loss thereof, consider one of the bakkie cover options available from Xpert Covers in Pretoria and other parts of Gauteng.

Liability Risk

Should items fall from the loading bin and land in front of another vehicle, such may cause an accident.  The vehicle owner or driver may very well take legal steps against you for negligent driving in such an instance. Rather prevent item loss and possible lawsuits by taking the necessary steps to secure the goods under a well-constructed PVC cover.

Reduce Fuel Costs

Reports have shown that bakkie covers can help to reduce wind drag and the buffing effect. With this also comes the added benefit of energy saving and thus lower fuel consumption. With the savings on fuel you will be able to realise a larger profit on projects or lower your monthly living and transporting costs.

Xpert Covers offers exceptional specials, fast service, on-site fitments, and guidance regarding covers for bakkies. Over 141 dealerships in Gauteng already make use of our products and services including agencies for Ford, Nissan and GWM as well as Fiat. Invest now to protect the items in your vehicle’s loading bin. Review the options and place your order today.


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