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Covers as Popular Bakkie Accessories

When considering how much value bakkie accessories such as covers can add to your vehicle, it makes sense to invest in a quality cover rather than a cheap tarp to protect the valuables in the trunk of the vehicle.

Theft Prevention

Although statistics for theft from bakkies with covers are not available, it is safe to say that the barrier created by a tonneau is effective enough to prevent the grab type of theft at robots and intersections. If you don’t invest in the accessory, you will not know whether you left the item at the original place or whether it has been stolen when you arrive at your destination.

With a cover on the trunk and undisturbed you will thus have peace of mind knowing you left the item at home. If it was left in a public space, you can return to the spot to retrieve it if the item is still there.

Sales Value Increase

Ask any  car salesman whether they believe that a good quality cover for the trunk is considered a value adding item, and chances are that they will confirm  that a tonneau in good condition and made from high quality material can help to sell a vehicle or add value to it.

Aesthetic Appeal

The covers are amongst the types of bakkie accessories that make the vehicle more impressive. An open trunk is certainly not ugly, but if you cover it and hide all the construction material or tools, the vehicle will get more appeal.

The main types of covers include:

  • Half Moon Zip
  • Clip On
  • Custom Made

Half Moon Zip

The Half Moon Zip is one of the most affordable accessories you will get for your pickup truck. As the name suggests, it has a half moon shape to allow for more packing space. The zip allows for easy access to the goods and you will thus not have to remove the whole cover to get to the items on the trunk. It furthermore offers optimal wind and rain protection.

Clip On

The cover clips on over the available pegs and can be opened at any spot. It is also an affordable option and is exceptionally neat.

Custom Made

Sometimes standard designs simply don’t fit the purpose and for such we offer custom made tonneau services.

Increase the value of your vehicle, reduce the risk of damage or theft, and protect items against weather elements with one of the bakkie accessories available from us.


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