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Isuzu Bakkie Covers




Isuzu Bakkie Covers Protect Against Theft and Weather Conditions

Isuzu bakkie covers are rather popular with 4x4 enthusiasts, farmers, contractors and vehicle dealerships for various reasons.

Protect Against Dust

If you drive on dirt roads you will want to protect the transported items against dirt, dust and little stones. By placing the items under cover you will also not have to remove the items every time you stop and leave the vehicle.

Protect Against Sun Damage

Land surveyors, electrical and plumbing contractors as well as normal business men often have to put rather valuable items in the loading bin of the Isuzu. Unfortunately without a cover to protect from the harmful sun rays the lifespan of goods regularly transported can be significantly shortened. With the Isuzu bakkie covers available from us, you will get all the sun protection you need for your goods in transit. The covers are made from extra strong PVC that will last for years and can withstand the harshness of sun rays.

Protect Against Rain

No doubt, some items simply should never get wet, but if you don’t have space in the vehicle for the items because of their size or the nature thereof, you will want to protect them in the loading bin with an easy to use cover.

Protect Against Wind

Items that are blown off the loading bin while you drive can cause accidents and damage to other vehicles. Avoid the risk of damage to a third party’s property by covering the transported goods.

Protect Yourself in an Accident

Many horror stories have been reported in newspapers over the years. Some of them entail accidents where items on the loading bin of the bakkie were not properly secured or simply became airborne upon impact in an accident and have become death instruments because of such. You will want to cover all loose lying items as even the most innocent of items can be dangerous should the vehicle be involved in an accident.

Protect Against Theft

Although one can still open the Isuzu bakkie cover to steal items, the barrier created can be effective enough to prevent goods being stolen when you stop at a robot or leave the vehicle unattended for a minute or two. The goods are out of sight and as such the risk of opening the cover just to find that the loading bin is empty is too high for the thieves to attempt in a short period. Even if they find items in the bin, the items may not be what they want.

Protect Against Hijackings

If items are in the open you risk getting noticed by would-be hijackers. You may just drive around with items that they consider valuable. Indeed, it is not uncommon to hear of people being hijacked for the items in their vehicles. The hijackers can follow you and hijack the vehicle to get to the items and later on abandon the vehicle. You thus take pro-active steps to not only safeguard valuable items, but also your vehicle and life by investing in one of the Isuzu bakkie covers available from us.


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