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Bantam Bakkie Covers




Benefits of Bantam Bakkie Covers

If you are looking for durable, aesthetically appealing, and highly functional Ford Bantam bakkie covers then Xpert Covers should be your fist choice as supplier.

Whether you are a vehicle dealer, a 4x4 enthusiast or shop owner, contractor or simply someone that wants to protect valuables from preying eyes, the Bantam Bakkie covers available from us are perfectly suited to meet your requirements.

We can custom make the covers to fit your vehicle 100% irrespective of the make or model. With Ford dealers already amongst our clients, we have proven that we have credibility in the industry. The covers are made from super strong PVC that can withstand the harsh sun and rain conditions in South Africa.

The two main types that we can install are:

  • Half-moon Zip for easier access to the loading bin.
  • Clip on Tonneau covers for complete covering of the bin.

Why Get a Cover for your Bantam?

South Africa is certainly not the safest place in the world and with smash and grab incidents being rather common whether you stop at a robot in the city or drive on the farm roads, you need to create a barrier between valuable items and the thieves. With the dark covers whether zip or clip-on based, you make it difficult for thieves to simply grab items from the loading bin.

Another reason for investing in such covers is to protect valuables from weather conditions. Water, hail, wind and sun can damage valuable items. More often than not, you will want to go on holiday, a fishing trip or perhaps use the vehicle for business. Irrespective of the reason, you have a bakkie and chances are that you will want to load items on it. The items can be blown off, get wet or sun damaged. With the cover you thus give complete protection to your assets.

Aesthetic appeal and value adding are two more reasons for investing in a Bantam cover. Vehicle agencies and dealerships as well as fitment centres already understand how bakkie covers can help to push up vehicle prices because of added functionality and aesthetic appeal.

You can save on insurance when you state that you have a clip on or zip type cover. Indeed, insurance companies are unlikely to pay out claims if goods are stolen from an open loading bin. You will thus want to avoid a situation where you pay higher insurance because you did not take preventative steps to protect your valuables.


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