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Covers are Essential Bakkie Accessories

Bakkie accessories can add value to vehicles. Such value becomes important when you want to resell a bakkie. Every extra on the vehicle can add to the price. This is also true for trade-ins. Dealerships know the value of extras such as bakkie accessories.

Aesthetic Appeal

Indeed, many buyers will settle for vehicles other their first choice simply because the bakkies with accessories such as tonneau covers are aesthetically more appealing than those without. Fitment centre managers also know the importance of such covers. People buy their bakkies and then search for the right covers to add.

We are the preferred supplier of such accessories in Gauteng. Our clients consist of business owners, contractors, fitment centres, vehicle dealerships, and leisure bakkie owners. We offer two main types:

  • Clip on Tonneau Covers – made from PVC to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Half-moon Zips – easier access and protection also against water. 

We offer regular specials and there are three occasions when you can buy the covers not for yourself, but for a friend or loved one:

  • Christmas
  • Father’s Day
  • Birthday


We offer fitment on-site and do so at exceptionally low prices. The covers are custom made to fit your particular bakkie model and make. You will thus not have to compromise on fitment, size or quality. Whether you want a soft tonneau, clip on, half-moon zip or cover to fit a roll bar, you will find that we provide impeccable service and superior quality products.

In case your tonneau cover need repairs, simply call on the experts. We can repair any of the tonneau bakkie covers. If there is one accessory that you cannot do without if you are a bakkie owner, then it is a tonneau loading bin cover.

Flexible Sheets

The covers are made of flexible sheets and eliminate some wind resistance often associated with canopies. With that then, you will have the benefit of improved fuel consumption and thus ultimately money savings. Bakkies with canopies often struggle in windy conditions and are more difficult to keep steady on the road than those without.  Indeed, the cover will thus also improve the steering quality of your vehicle.

Canopies can be rather expensive and often have little windows which make it possible for criminals to see what’s inside. Rather than having to pay more for a canopy if you only have small items that you transport, go for a tonneau. If you want to take the cover off to for instance, transport something big, you will be able to do so without much trouble.

The covers are perfect for hiding the smaller items and because the criminals cannot see whether you are transporting items they will be less inclined to want to attempt a quick steal. The covers furthermore offer the benefit of protecting items against wind, rain, hail, and the sun as well as dirt.

After having considered all the benefits of covers, you will agree that the tonneau available from us is amongst the most essential bakkie accessories you will need. View our current specials and make use of the opportunity to add value and functionality to your vehicle or that of a loved one.


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