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Toyota Tonneau Covers




Toyota Tonneau Covers Are Made to Last

A tonneau was first used to protect passenger’s seats that were unoccupied in a roadster, pickup truck or convertible and is either a soft or hard cover. Soft covers open by rolling up and hard covers open by a folding or hinging mechanism. Toyota tonneau covers are used mainly to hide cargo, and when rolled out keeps the cargo hidden providing added security as well as protected from the sun.

Tonneau is French and means barrel, container or cask. The very first of its kind was a rear open passenger compartment, shaped like a barrel on open cars. These covers were optional when buying a vehicle of which some were fixed and other were removable, and some comprised of a cover and a frame, mainly used on the early MGB models. The first editions comprised of a hinged door facing to the rear, and later dual and single side doors were introduced.

The Tonneau Led to the Development of Bakkie Covers

The very first tonneau was manufactured by Peerless, of which soon many other manufactures followed which led to the development of Bakkie covers as we now know them. Early racers also made use of removable canvas, which gave them an extra competitive edge. Early aircraft construction also made use of canvas skins that covered the cockpit in order to control the airflow.

Sift covers are now also available for sports cars of which are mainly made from vinyl or leather of which cover the passenger compartment. Such covers are also used for soft or hard convertible tops. Toyota tonneau covers are mainly used on trucks and utility vehicles and me in a wide variety of styles and sizes. However, the most common is the roll up type which is made from vinyl or a durable cloth which has a rib structure which provides added support and keeps the material taut.

The retractable unit is another design that is mounted at the sides and front of the bed and either retracts or rolls from the tailgate towards the cab. These are made from aluminium, vinyl or plastic and are usually lockable.

Toyota Tonneau Covers Are Made from Durable Materials

Another common type of cover is hard plastic or fibreglass. This type can be locked, and are solidly constructed as well as painted to match the truck. Such covers require gas struts to open and close them as they are usually very heavy. Some covers are available with multiple compartments and open side to side, back to front or vice versa as well as rise vertically. In most instances fibreglass covers are installed on new vehicles as a factory option.

There are numerous benefits that Toyota tonneau covers provide to pickup truck owners, such as providing protection from the various natural elements such as weather and insects. These covers provide security and discourage theft as most covers can be locked. In addition the contents on a truck cannot be blown out or around the truck bed. The cover provides a streamlined stylish look that adds to the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.


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