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Colt Bakkie Covers




Colt Bakkie Covers That Add Style to Your Cab

Colt bakkie covers are specially made for the popular Mitsubishi LDV’s that you have available to you in the market at the moment. Even if you own an older model that’s been around the block a couple times, you can find a good quality canopy for your bakkie. They also have models that are designed to fit a long wheel base vehicle and a double cab.

Opting for a snug-fit top adds a stylish edge to your bakkie by giving it a compact and streamlined look. If you need the extra storage space and you want to make sure that you can keep everything safe and secure in the back there, then you can opt for a higher canopy that will give you all the extra room you need. That way you can turn a regular LDV into a fully equipped delivery vehicle that will even keep your goods chilled for the entire journey if you want.

A Canopy Isn’t the Only Option

Instead of creating extra storage space, you also have the choice of sealing the load bay off completely so that you can still store stuff away, and not have to worry about it getting stolen when you park your vehicle somewhere or you are stopped at a robot somewhere and a pedestrian takes a quick chance. You can use a solid roller-door cover that seals it up pretty tight or you could simply use a tonneau cover to keep it covered under a type of leather, or the closest synthetic material equivalent, tarp that sits taught across the load bay.

Tonneau covers are a cost effective option that helps keep things covered at the back of your bakkie. Not only does it cover what is under there, it also helps you keep dirt and dust out of there when you are not using the actual load bay. They can also be colour coded to suit your paintwork, and then at least it won’t stand out when you have it on.

Colt Bakkie Covers That Fit Perfectly

You often hear of people buying canopies and covers that don’t fit quite right because they have been standardised to fit a wide range of LDVs. For that reason it makes sense to find Colt bakkie covers that are made specifically for your make and model. Not only does it look better on your Mitsubishi, but it makes the back more secure and it adds more functionality to your transport capabilities.


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