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Nissan Bakkie Covers




Nissan Bakkie Covers

Nissan bakkie covers can shower your vehicle with a number of benefits that'll help you prolong its lifespan, and also keep any and all goods stored in the back safe.

What Is It?

We've all seen them on South African roads - bakkies with a flexible PVC sheet strapped over the bed of the vehicle. These sheets are designed to withstand the often harsh South African weather. This includes intense sun exposure, as well as wind and rain. Additionally, these sheets protect the goods stored in the back of the vehicle against all manner of flying debris.

Why they’re good for Nissan Vehicles

One of the benefits is that these sheets can be custom-made for all models, whether it is the Navara, Workhorse, or the Patrol Pickup. Standard vehicle types for which these sheets can be used include half tonners, double cabs, stretch cabs, long-wheel base, and more.

Different Designs

When you consider the vehicles on South African roads fitted with these sheets, you're probably thinking of a simple sheet stretched across the back - no frills, no fuss. But like all other popular products they've evolved in answer to the requirements of vehicle owners.

Half-moon zip sheets, for instance, provide you with a semi-circle shaped aperture which can be opened and closed using a sturdy zipper. This makes it easy to store and retrieve goods from the bed of the vehicle.

Clip-on covers, on the other hand, are installed over an aluminium frame. The benefit with these is that they can open and close much like the boot of a car, or simply pulled back. Again, quick access is the key benefit here along with a stylish appearance.

But there's one aspect of a Nissan bakkie which leaves vehicle owners a little bit perplexed as to whether a tonneau is the solution for them: the roll bar. After all, most of the models come equipped with roll bars as a safety feature to protect the occupants of the vehicle in the event of an accident. These structures are located on the bed of the vehicle against the cab, and may look like they'll be in the way of the tonneau. The solution here is the cone, a cylindrical shape made from the same PVC material as the tonneau. It wraps around the roll bar and is joined to the tonneau to ensure a perfect fit.


Where canopies can cost you anything form R4, 000 and upwards, these sheets remain affordable.The prices start from as low as R650 with the maximum reaching R1, 300. Very durable, long lasting, attractive and capable of reducing the wind resistance of the vehicle, these tonneaus are not only a bargain, but an investment too.

So with the holidays coming up and Christmas just around the corner, these Nissan bakkie covers provide you with an affordable solution to protect the goods stored in the back of your vehicle, as well as the vehicle itself. This also makes it a must-have for those occasions where fitting a canopy is just too much effort.


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