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Mazda Bakkie Covers




Exploring Bakkie Covers for the New BT-50

The 'All-New Mazda BT-50' is described as 'Sporty, stylish and spacious'. Judging by the pictures of the vehicle, we'd have to agree. It looks modern, and when you read the promotional copy, you can see the company did all they could to provide potential owners with a vehicle that looks good ('two-tone colour scheme'), is modern ('MP3 compatible CD player, steering wheel mounted audio controls, Bluetooth voice control'), but most importantly, does the job it is supposed to do. In fact, very prominent is the very large bed of the vehicle - perfect for a bakkie cover.

Will a Canopy Spoil the Look?

Unless you can lay your hands on an ├╝ber-stylish canopy specifically suited to the design of the vehicle, our opinion is that you'll most probably end up changing the aesthetic of the vehicle completely - what looked like a sleek, stylish monster, is transformed into a vehicle that looks ready to take a group of kids to school. Since the vehicle is available in a double-cab version, you'll do better by fitting a bakkie cover over the bed of the vehicle, thereby retaining the sleek look, while adding versatility to the storage space.

Not Just Any Old Tonneau

We say 'versatility' since, by covering the bed of the vehicle with a flexible PVC sheet capable of withstanding the harsh elements and all manner of flying debris, you can now carry a more diverse load. Whether it's a bag of cement or some delicate roses for the missus, you cannot go wrong with a PVC tonneau.

But it cannot be just any old tonneau. One specific type will allow you to gain the full benefit of your tonneau without drilling holes in your vehicle to accommodate the hooks these sheets are usually slipped on to. The clip-on tonneau is a step up from the standard version we all know. It is fitted around an aluminium frame, which is installed on the back of your vehicle in a way that eliminates the need for lots of tiny holes which could end up depreciating the value of the vehicle.

These tonneaus are also a bit more functional: either lift it up to gain access to the interior (like the boot of a car), or simply pull the sheet back (perfect for windy days). The uniform smooth surface also adds to the appeal of the vehicle.

Fits Your Pocket, Too

Despite the many benefits, these Mazda bakkie covers are affordable for one simple reason: the flexible and very durable PVC is relatively inexpensive. Additionally, because it is so easy to work with, the final product is easy to manufacture. As such, when it comes down to the bottom line, you can expect to pay a quarter (or less) than you would for a normal canopy.

Mazda bakkie clip-on covers provide you with a cost-effective way to protect the bed of your vehicle, as well as the goods in it, without compromising on style. Other types of tonneau are available as well, and can be custom made to fit the bed of any utility vehicle.


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