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The Benefits of Half Moon Zip Covers for Bakkies

You’d have to agree that half-moon zip covers for bakkies are the result of some clever thinking. Below we examine these soft tonneau sheets, and also explore their many benefits.

Why the Half-Moon?

You're on a delivery, and need to get an item from the back of your vehicle. Simply unzip using the sturdy zipper, reach in and get the item you need. The same applies when you're next to the dam or at a braai, and quickly want to reach in to get a drink from the cooler box. After all, the intensity of the South African sun and other harsh elements necessitates all the cover you can get.

The benefit with this type of tonneau is that you can fit more than one half-moon onto a sheet. This means you can effectively unzip and reach in anywhere on the bakkie without ever untying the sheet as is the case with a normal soft tonneau.

What Are Its Benefits?

The half-moon zip covers for bakkies are made from the same PVC your standard soft tonneau is made of. This means you get the same strong material capable of providing protection against the harsh sun, as well as flying debris.

An additional benefit is that it helps you cut down on wind resistance, thereby helping you save on fuel. This is especially true if you're used to driving with a canopy. In fact, the half-moon zip is the perfect alternative to a canopy, and provides you with easier access to goods located in the back of your vehicle. These sheets can be cut for vehicles of all sizes, ensuring that there's one capable of fitting on yours.

Best of all, these PVC sheets sport a price tag affordable on any budget - often under R1,000, which means you save all the way.

Life Span

Like other tonneaus made from soft PVC, these are capable of lasting years and years without any real maintenance requirements (aside from periodic treatment with a cloth). Repairs - whether it's to the soft PVC itself, or to the zip - are easy and can usually be done onsite without breaking the bank.

Half-moon zip covers for bakkies are the perfect solution for individuals who want to preserve their bank balances while getting value for money. They are durable, can streamline a vehicle and add to its overall appeal.


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