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Choosing Between Canopies or Tonneau Covers for Nissan Bakkies

Nissan tonneau covers provide exceedingly good value for money: they are affordable, and can last for years. But just how do they match up to canopies that, although not as affordable, can also last for years? We examine each one individually, and highlight its pros and cons.

Nissan Tonneau Covers

These are made from sheets of PVC typically between 550μ and 570μ thick. (μ = micron, or millionth of a meter). They are strong and resilient and capable of lasting years: 5 years standard if run-of-the-mill materials are used; or up to 7 years if the PVC leans toward 570μ, and if the cotton used to sow it together have been treated for UV protection.

Although it is possible to tear the material, you'll have to go to rather impressive lengths to achieve that. Once damage occurs, however, repairs are easily made with the right tools and a few simple instructions. In a pinch it's affordable enough to replace.

It goes without saying that a bit of simple maintenance can help it last a lot longer.


Canopies provide a number of benefits: like the tonneau cover mentioned above, they protect the contents in the vehicle's bed. The rigid structure also makes it possible for a few extra passengers to tag along which makes it perfect for pets and the odd, daredevil human passenger.

Yet compared to its softer counterpart, canopies are expensive. DIY repairs require a certain amount of skill and the right tools, or an expert pair of hands to get the job done. For all that, canopies beat their soft counterparts in one category: security - the door of the canopy can be locked. At some point, however, you'll have to accept that leaving tools or goods on the back of your bakkie can prove to be a costly mistake, which means locking is only a good solution during the day, and in relatively crowded surrounds.

Our Opinion

Seeing as both these covers for a bakkie's bed have their own unique properties, a change in perspective might be required: it's not so much that the one is better than the other - it's that they're suited for different purposes. Use the canopy for long journeys, or where sharp objects need to be transported. Take it off, store it and prolong its lifespan by replacing it with a Nissan tonneau cover when loads are small, or when it's just you and the missus going away for the weekend. Simple.


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