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Bakkie Tonneau Covers




Types of Soft Bakkie Tonneau Covers

Bakkie tonneau covers turn out to be a blessing for every truck owner who has had the savvy to invest in one. They keep the bed protected, can help hide goods from prying eyes and are also excellent at keeping the bed free from large amounts of water, leaves and the like. Some even say they can help reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption, which means they’re capable of providing an active return on investment too.

A Quick History Lesson

These covers have been around for many, many years. Originally a French word, ‘tonneau’ means barrel, cask or container – and it was exactly that: a compartment or barrel. But, back then it wasn’t necessarily used to store goods. The traditional type was a passenger compartment with a single door at the back. Doors were later added to the sides of this compartment, followed by a roof. In 1910 Cadillac manufactured the first closed-body four door car, giving rise to the closed-body vehicles we have today. The tonneau is therefore an integral part of modern vehicle history.

So let’s take a quick look at the different types of covers to help you make the right choice.


As the name suggest, these are made from a flexible, ‘soft’ material. They are in fact made from flexible PVC and have been manufactured to be durable and tough while still being easy to install and manipulate. This type can further be divided into their various subtypes.

Clip On

These pretty much elevate the look and functionality of your vehicle to a new level. First, an aluminium frame is installed around the bed of the vehicle. A flexible PVC overlay is then installed on the frame. This overlay can be pulled back or fastened with little effort and in no amount of time at all. This makes perfect for those who prefer economy combined with quick and efficient functionality.

Half Moon Zip

It’s ideal for quick and regular access into the bed of the vehicle; it’s the overlay which is perfect for the storage of items a bit longer than the bed itself, like surfboards, canoes, camping gear and the like. This type resembles the standard look we see everywhere, with the difference being that a half-moon portion at the rear end of the PVC overlay can be zipped and unzipped. This provides easy access to the bed of the vehicle since opening and closing is done in a matter of seconds.


A problem many bakkie owners are faced with is the fact that, since these vehicles come in so many different shapes and sizes nowadays, it’s hard to find an overlay that fits perfectly. Custom designs solve that problem in that they are fashioned to fit your vehicle’s cab like a glove, without incurring any additional cost.

Nevertheless, the right selection of bakkie tonneau cover depends on your requirements. So take a while to consider what you may need to store in the vehicle’s bed as time moves on – work equipment, camping gear, fishing rods and the like – and then make your decision.


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