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Bakkie Covers




Bakkie Covers Enhance Deliveries

Got a delivery business? Often transport lumpy items from point A to point B? Listen up, because bakkie covers provide you with the ultimate product protection during daily delivery runs.

What It Is

Bakkie covers come in many different forms, each with their own unique benefits. They are fitted on the beds of vehicles to protect goods, and to shield the bed from extreme weather conditions such as sun, wind and rain, as well as all manner of airborne detritus – and prying eyes. In this article we’ll focus on soft and clip-on varieties.

A soft design refers to a sheet of flexible PVC. Quite common on South African roads, they simply tie on to the back of the vehicle. A Clip-on, on the other hand, refers to a design which utilises an aluminium frame, onto which a PVC overlay, or sheet, is installed. This overly can be pulled back with minimal effort and seals equally as easy.

Speeding Up Deliveries

You may already have the vehicle, but have been apprehensive about using it for deliveries – what if someone saw the items you placed in the bed of your vehicle? The overlays discussed previously shield items in the bed of the vehicle from sight. This makes your vehicle available for deliveries, which means you are now likely to pack more goods since the bed is so much larger than your ordinary hatchback or sedan.

An obvious benefit associated with these overlays are that they provide quick access to items placed in the bed. Overlays on clip-on models simply have to be pulled back; tie-ons have to be untied. Half moon zip designs provide a zip that can be pulled to open or close a half-moon aperture, making it possible to carry elongated items while covering the rest of the bed. These different designs help you save time while, helping you doing more deliveries in a single run.

All Bakkies are Covered

The great thing about these flexible PVC sheets is that they can be custom-designed to fit any make and model. Since South Africa is a country where rough & tough vehicles are common, premade designs exist for half tonners, double cabs, stretch cabs and long wheel bases.

Even if you’re not in the delivery business, bakkie covers helps you protect your vehicle in the long run. And because they’re so affordable, they often turn out to be a great investment.


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